In the YEAR AHEAD Astrology + Tarot Reading, I will pull 12 cards to break down the energetic themes that you will be invited to explore during each of the seasons of this Astrological Year. We will pull an additional card as a SIGNIFIER to represent you and your overall journey cycle for this year.


I will also use your birth info (birth date, birth city + birth time) to determine your birth chart, and allow it to more deeply inform my guidance for your year. This is a DEEP and intensive read meant to help guide you through all of 2020.


**PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR FULL NAME + BIRTH INFO IN YOUR ORDER NOTES AT THE TIME OF YOUR ORDER! If you don't do this it make things much harder to keep track of everything! 

YEAR AHEAD Astrology + Tarot

    • This reading format is PRE-RECORDED VIDEO. It is not a LIVE reading.
    • Once you purchase the reading, I will consult my schedule and get back to you with the date that I will be recording your reading within 3 business days. 
    • Once your reading is complete, a link to your reading video will be delivered within 3 business days of the reading date to the email connected to your order. 
    • In the case that I cannot perform or deliver your reading in this window, I will reach out to you and let you know and we will either reschedule the reading or I'll project a new delivery date.
    • Readings can not be refunded for any reason so please be sure that you want this information before purchasing. Timing is ALWAYS aligned if we allow and I appreciate the grace extended to me when needed IMMENSELY.

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