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Get to know the real YOU with this Layers of Love Pink Mangano Calcite Crystal Sphere! Meditate with this Heart Opening specimen to begin to unfold all the dimensions of who you are and what makes you come alive! When we connect to this dimension of the authentic self, LOVE starts stirring within us freely and it becomes easier to let go of old thought patterns that kept us trapped in negative emotion patterns that kept us stuck in negative behavior cycles! Thus, we start to unwind the processes that hold us back from our ultimate potential, our Highest + Best, a loving relationship with ourselves + the World. 

Venus in Leo Pink Calcite Sphere

  • Pink Calcite, also known as  Mangano Calcite, is a stone of peace and well-being. It stimulates the flow of energy from the Crown Chakra down into the Heart Chakra and it's vibration entrains us to attract new opportunities to learn the concept of Universal Love. Pink Calcite can aid healers, tarot readers and energy workers in forming a strong energetic bond to their clients, making one incredibly in tune with their client's needs. Pink Calcite has a calming affect when held during meditation so if you're working on acceptance and self-love, utilize this Crystal to keep you held in the wavelength of love and peace as new understandings are integrated.