In the URANUS IN TAURUS Tarot Reading, we will address the role that Uranus' Transit through Taurus over the next 7 years is initiating a disruption of our comfort zone. 


This pre-recorded video reading can be done to as a 30 minute, 2 card reading with 1 card to represent the comfort zone that you will be challenged in during the COMING Astrological year (2020) and 1 card for Uranus, representing the way you're meant to go about disrupting that comfort zone to make room for your evolution. 


This reading can also be done in 60-90 minutes in which we will focus on the Taurus and Uranus cards for the coming year most, but we will also pull cards for the following 6 years of the transit, making it a 14 card guide. I especially recomend the 90 option for this full reading to be as in depth and informative as possible.


    • This reading format is PRE-RECORDED VIDEO. It is not a LIVE reading.
    • Once you purchase the reading, I will consult my schedule and get back to you with the date that I will be recording your reading within 3 business days. 
    • Once your reading is complete, a link to your reading video will be delivered within 3 business days of the reading date to the email connected to your order. 
    • In the case that I cannot perform or deliver your reading in this window, I will reach out to you and let you know and we will either reschedule the reading or I'll project a new delivery date.
    • Readings can not be refunded for any reason so please be sure that you want this information before purchasing. Timing is ALWAYS aligned if we allow and I appreciate the grace extended to me when needed IMMENSELY.

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