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The Whole Body 256HZ & 384HZ Tuning Forks are C & G frequencies in the Pythagorean Scale.

Pythagorean tuning is a system of musical tuning in which the frequency ratios of all intervals are based on the ratio 3:2. This ratio, also known as the "pure" perfect fifth, is chosen because it is one of the easiest to tune by ear and because of importance attributed to the integer 3.

Nikola Tesla once said "If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9 then you would have a key to the Universe."

This is one of the most incredible tuning fork combinations I've ever tuned together. These babies sound like the Trumpet that the Angel in the Judgment card is sounding for our full bodied AWAKENING.

In India, it's said that this perfect 5th invites Shiva and Shakti into their holy LOVE DANCE of life, creating resonance, wholeness, healing and a connection with our Consciousness and Heart simultaneously. This is my idea about the Alchemical Marriage, unifying the Divine Masculine and Feminine forces into one harmonious communion with each other instead of a constant power struggle.

Lao Tzu referenced this harmonic pair as the balancing tone for Yin and Yang energies which entrains the ability to understand the both/and, the One within the Other, the interconnectedness of all energies.

Each Whole Body Tuning fork set comes with both forks, a striking mallet, and velvet bag. 

YIN YANG Tuning Fork Set

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