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Join me for 21 days of Devotional Practice a and slowly-like-honey leap into a paradigm that will update the absolute fuck out of your OPERATING SYSTEM with the hottest masculine archetype...THE LOVER.


Once He's in place, we can fully install and run *free of error* all of the power, potency and pleasure of THE HUNTRESS.


Once these archetypal, energetic mates are working in harmony, MIRACLES START HAPPENING!!! Get your "of course!" vibes ready bc you're gonna be saying it like a wild woman over the course of these 3 weeks, mmkay!?


This journey will be taking place on TELEGRAM (my new fave app) begining on MAY 1st! On day 1, I'll introduce the energetics and share a track leading you through a practice that will pull up and out of your body your own unique flavor of THE LOVER.


Each day following, there will be transmissions, energetic attunements and honey drips to support you in embodying the energy of THE LOVER as TRAINER & GUIDE for your inner HUNTRESS. 


A HUNTRESS is not born, she is MADE.


Without Masculine guidance and containment, She doesn't have the foundations that will allow Her to flow free & wild. She requires training. And when it's The Lover training Her, instead of that old and busted, out-of-date Operating System (the uninitiated ego) get a HOT AND SEXY TEASE of an experience into deeper mastery of Her skills instead of a limited, critical, judgy and self-serving incessant commentary on how She didn't quite land it.  ***Yall already know what I'm talking about 👀


I'll be sending out the link to join the TELEGRAM group on April 30th so stay tuned for a welcome email further preparing you for the experience then! **I'll announce the send out on ig stories but please feel free to reach out via DM if you don't receive it by NOON MST on the 30th. 




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