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The 639 HZ Solfeggio frequency is a powerful tone for unlocking the OPEN + FULL chambers of the Heart Chakra.

When these two chambers have been awakened, we are more naturally aligned to allow, receive, honor and respect ourselves in Truth, which in turn, extends to the Other.

Which is why I feel this frequency has been believed to be one for entraining us to True Love, empowers our ability to freely communicate without fear, connects us to our innate ability to create HARMONIOUS exchanges in our community that are fair and balanced for all Beings, and stimulates healing of past wounds through Compassion and Understanding.

When our own Hearts are OPEN & FULL, acceptance, understanding and compassion are natural gifts we overflow with. We are not holding ourselves or others to our expectations and standards. We see each other's True Nature and seek to respect and honor them as we do ourselves.

This frees the Heart from worry and stress and creates space for us to journey deeply within to connect to our own inner beauty, inherent worth and intrinsic value and to begin moving from those spaces...some of the beautiful messages I'm receiving for this New Moon in Scorpio.

This fork comes with a striking mallet and velvet bag

Solfeggio 639HZ Tuning Fork

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