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This one of a kind, eye shaped Mexican Onyx Altar Plate is a beautiful container for crystals, herbs, jewelry or your favorite smaller talismans to be charged and displayed with intention.


Onyx is a powerful transmitter of Masculine energy. Bringing the geometry of structure and boundaries into your Field can support your expression in these areas.


Utilize this dish as a container for the energies you wish to embody each Lunar Cycle, symbolized through items of power. 


Inspiration for this ☽Scorpio Lunation☽place a skull, a butterfly, and a Quartz point on the dish...symbolizing your awareness of the death process, it's true form, metamorphosis and the power we have to amplify either narrative within.


Approx 5" x 3.5"


☽Sourced & Shaped in Mexico

☽Photgraphed in Moab, UT

☽Shipped from Denver, CO

Surface of Jupiter Onyx Eye Altar Plate

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