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Join me for 21 days of Consciousness Expanding, Perception Transforming, and Decision-Making TRAINING that will radically revolutionize your relationship with being SEEN and getting PAID.


Money is an ENERGY and ENERGY flows where attention goes.


Let's purge the SCARIES around having ALL EYES ON your work, services, products, and ART.


This journey will be taking place on TELEGRAM (my new fave app) begining on June 1st!


On day 1, I'll introduce the energetics and share a track leading you through a practice that will pull up and out of your body your own unique flavor of THE LOVER.


Each day there will be transmissions, energetic attunements and honey drips to support you in popping OUT of the Drama Triangle, widen your perception and nervous system to hold MORE of everything...namely attention & money...without losing too much time in the downs and contractions that notoriously come with welcoming in more ALIVENESS.


I'll be sending out the official link to join the TELEGRAM group on May 30th so stay tuned for a welcome email further preparing you for the experience by the next business day of your SIGN UP. *Please feel free to reach out via DM if you have any questions




***CAUTION!!! This experience will radically transform how you see the World!! If you DO NOT FULLY trust the energy of my work & your Soul for bringing you to this experience...PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE!!


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