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FOcus your attention on your Moon sign with this Selenite Sphere. Named after the Greek Moon Goddess, Selene this is a magical stone to support you in bringing Loving Awareness to your Moon placement. I've found this placement to be the home of our deepest patterns, personally as a Soul, as well as that of our ancestors. 


When we develop True Love for these patterns, which is acceptance free of judgment, the emotions stuck in us have space to MOVE. Before we are aware and in acceptance of our Bodies, which is where our patterning lives, we feel as if there is no space for a choice. This resistance we are feeling to our Personality only creates rebellion, collapse, or distraction.


When we embrace the WHOLE of Who We Are, we are free to make choices when we are ready and feel called.


This Selenite Sphere can support you with subtle energies of clarity.


My intention for this sphere is that it would clear your channel so that what's TRUE in you is revealed.


☽Photographed in Moab, UT

☽Shipped from Denver, CO

My MOON Selenite Sphere

$66.00 Regular Price
$33.00Sale Price
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