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This one of a kind, eye shaped Mexican Onyx Altar Plate is a beautiful container for crystals, herbs, jewelry or your favorite smaller talismans to be charged and displayed with intention.


Onyx is a powerful transmitter of Masculine energy. Bringing the geometry of structure and boundaries into your Field can support your expression in these areas.


Express the energies you wish to embody each Lunar Cycle, symbolized through items of power arranged on this plate.


Inspiration for this ☽Scorpio Lunation☽ place a skull, a butterfly, and a Quartz point on the dish...symbolizing your awareness of the death process, it's true form, metamorphosis and the power we have to amplify either narrative within.


☽Sourced & shaped in Mexico

☽Photographed in Moab, UT

☽Shipped from Denver, CO

    Golden Nebula Onyx Eye Altar Plate

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