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This one of a kind, rhomboidal shaped Mexican Onyx Altar Plate is a next level prosperity altar waiting to emerge.


Onyx is a powerful transmitter of Masculine energy. Bringing the geometry of structure and boundaries into your Field can support your expression in these areas.


Place symbols of WEALTH & PROSPERITY on this massive, plate to express the weight of the BOON you're claiming.


Inspiration for this ☽PROSPEROUS INTENTION☽ place cash, yellow or white candles, A Quartz cluster, real Citrine, gold jewelry, or a small plant on this dish to create a pocket of data for your Subconscious of just how prosperous you currently are.


Approx 8.5" x 7" x 1.5"


☽Sourced & Shaped in Mexico

☽Photgraphed in Moab, UT

☽Shipped from Denver, CO

Honey Pot Onyx LARGE Altar Plate

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