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Yall...Human Design has quickly become one of my essentials for understanding the way we Human operate. It's mechancial, practical, and has the ability to offer some MAJOR permission to the essence that's always been within you!


In this reading, I will advise you on the basic elements of your design and focus on the messages that I am intuitvely drawn to. Reading your chart is not an explanation...rather, an exploration.


An intention of this reading will be to revel the aspect of your Human Design Experiment that your Soul wants to explore next! I will bring through practical & digestible insight into beginning your Experiment.


The experience of this reading will offer you an empowered framework you can return to again and again for making the decisions that are correct for you. Without overthinking it. 

Please include your BIRTH DATE, BIRTH TIME & CITY OF BIRTH in the notes of your order.

Human Design Reading

    • Readings can not be refunded for any reason so please be sure that you want this information before purchasing. Timing is ALWAYS aligned if we allow and I appreciate the grace extended to me when needed IMMENSELY.
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