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Nikola Tesla said, "if you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." That is why I've resonated with the conclusion that sound is the most powerful way to clear, cleanse and charge. Scientifically, we know that sound shapes matter (cyamatics illustrates this) so if we extrapolate that principal (as above, so below) we can propose that sound is constantly shaping every aspect of reality at the subatomic level, so cells and atoms are always responding to the frequencies around them. This is why it can feel incredibly soothing to listen to your favorite music or overwhelmingly terrible to be around those who constantly complain or spread negativity or are hateful...that shit is LITERALLY affecting you at a molecular level.


But, there's hope! In Physics, there's a proven and documented principal known as Entrainment in which objects of a higher frequency will entrain objects of a lower frequency, meaning they will raise the lower frequency to meet its own higher resonance. Entrainment can also be described as a state where two or more oscillators in the same field, they tend to "lock in" and begin pulsing at the same rate. The rhythmic vibrations from one source will cause lower vibrations of one oscillator to lock into the vibration of the higher vibrational oscillators. This is why it's so vital that we take responsibility for cultivating and strengthening our own vibration, our own frequency as if we are the higher vibration, we will bring others up to meet us!

Enter the tuning fork. Excellent for stimulating mental and emotional balance, transmuting the quality of your energy field, and to calm and relax the physical body, these cool, vibrational tools are tuned to the perfect frequencies for specific purposes and can help tune our bodies, minds, spaces, or Crystals into high vibe alignment.

There are 3 frequencies to choose from. Each set includes a wooden mallet (432 Hz + 528 Hz sets come with rubber ended wood mallet for longer tones), velvet bag for storing, and an intuitively selected Crystal

Crystal Tuning Fork Set

  • The 4096 Hz Crystal Tuner Fork: it's frequency is so high because Crystals contain pretty perfect atomic geometry already! Using this fork to recharge and realign your Crystals will serve to make sure they're at their most potent and energetically vibrant at all times. No waiting for a Moon Phase or looking for rushing water or moving your Crystals required!

    The 528 Hz Tuning Fork: Known as the LOVE vibration, this is a powerful frequency for opening + connecting to the Heart Chakra. Use this frequency during to decondition the mind of negative thought patterns or self talk, and to inversely stimulate the energy of genuine SELF-LOVE. This frequency helps to promote a sense of peace and relaxation which we all know the body NEEDS in order to heal QUICKLY. This fork will not heal you and that's a really naive way of looking at energy work...these frequencies have an effect on us physically, and the ripple effect is our internal well being which allows positive processes to take place within us. This is the third note of the original 6 Sacred Solfeggio frequencies.

    The 432 Hz Tuning Fork: Thought to be a powerful universal ratio + frequency for raising consciousness, aligning to Nature, and connecting to Source. A vibration for grounding + growth.