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This crystal is thought to be a powerful facilitator of creativity, self-confidence, self-worth and active energy. When these forces are supercharged by this incredible crystalline being, your inner world is aligned to make clear and concise creative action! This is why it has gained the reputation of being a stone of wealth, abundance and success. But remember, you have to take the initiative, risks and action in order for these enhanced states to be valuable to you. Luckily this stone will nudge you towards the courage and confidence needed to take right action.

Smoky Citrine Point

  • Citrine is known for stirring imagination and creativity, powerfully supporting positive changes and new ventures. Invigorated with the power of our Sun, it contains a brilliant and warm energy, capable of comforting, energizing and bringing vitality back into your life. It will not conduct negative energy, but instead will alchemically transmute, balance and ground any energies it comes in contact with, so keep this beautiful gem nearby when you're cleansing your heart and mind of old thoughts and feelings. The color of this stone encourages personal power, action towards your divine will self-confidence, happiness and stability. Balances the Root + Solar Plexus Chakras.