Gaze into the darkness of the Black Abyss Obsidian Crystal Sphere to witness things typically unseen. An potent partner for healing, this crystals’ affect on your life may be less than pleasant at first as it brings hidden imbalances, negative emotions and truths we’d rather forget to the surface. It’s darkness encourages you to look into the depths of yourself while also conjuring up a strong desire to face your fears and overcome that which are holding you back. 

Black Abyss Obsidian Sphere

  • Black Obsidian is a highly protective and grounding stone great for personal spiritual work. It’s a stone of extreme power and works very quickly to rid the Shadow self of negativity. This can be tumultuous to experience at first, which is why it’s important to understand this stone’s energy. Born from the fires of the heart of the Earth, Obsidian is formed when volcanic ash encounters water immediately before being able to crystallize, forming its glassy, mirror-like texture. This fast-acting formation gives this stone the power to do its work fast and sometimes in a confrontational manner. Like a wise, old teacher Obsidian can smack us over the head with our most ignored issues. But don’t fear this stone, even sensitive souls can benefit from its powerful energy of protection from negativity. Can be used to block psychic attacks and keep you safe and grounded during psychic work. Stimulates and balances the Root Chakra.

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