Black NEW MOON in Leo

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

This New Moon has been all about realizing where we are in the cycle of human development. It gives us more compassion for HUMANITY as a collective and when this is authentic + coming from the Heart, like high vibe Leo energy moves, we start to experience a natural outpouring of personal compassion. It's so easy to intellectualize about how we care for the collective plight of human nature and it's seeming insistence on getting in the way of us living our best lives...but it's NOT AT ALL EASY to actually exhibit that care on the personal level.

If we are going to be able to freely express our voice with courage, if we are going to step into the empowering energy that Leo season has for us, we are required to see individuals as empowered. Ourselves included. When we are hyper critical to others, it's typically a clear indication that we are hyper critical of ourselves. Lack of true self-worth, genuine self-love and the extension of those as lived truths, freely give self-compassion...cannot HELP but extend to the other.

When we grasp the full picture, how all the parts that make the whole, the roles they're required to play to grow and all the different ways they'll flow, the length of time that may take, and how everything is still, intrinsically connected on every level...maybe then we'll start firing up our CONSCIOUS TRANSMUTATIONAL FURNACES.