4 of Cups -

I pulled this card this morning and the message jumped tf out.

My feelings of peace, stability, and safety are not whole until ALL OF US feel peace, stability and safety. Our emotions are signals for what we CARE about. If you are feeling upset, overwhelmed, outraged, angry, sad, triggered...that's your body telling you some deep shit. Anger is the feeling we experience when we perceive an injustice. Triggered is the feeling we experience when we know a change needs to be made. Overwhelmed is the feeling we experience when we perceive there is so much to do and that we cannot do it all alone. Sadness is the feeling we experience when there is a perceived loss...of human life or our humanity. Outrage is the feeling we experience when all the evidence points to one thing and there are people around us that deny or ignore that evidence. And so on... If we decide to stay still and stagnant with the excuse of protecting our own peace, we are complicit to the problem perpetuating. If we do not see the emotions we experience that interrupt our peace or meditative state as signals that we have work to do, we are missing the opportunity that the Universe has offered us in this moment. A few weeks ago I had a conversation with @gabyherstik about the role of magick in the modern era and how we are, all of us interested in this system for creating change, called to focus on the creation of a world that we actually want to inhabit in the future. And for those of us who value people over profit, equality over power, care over control...we are being given the perfect opportunity to release our personal melodramas for our Great Work in the Collective. Many people, myself included, have pointed to the idea of working on yourself before you work on the world. And how if you're not caring for or giving to yourself, you can't care for or give to others. And while I do believe without inner work, our work in the world will continually fall short since we have no context for how change occurs on the small scale...now I believe it is imperative that we do BOTH/AND. We have to show up for ourselves and the other simultaneously or we are falling short of what we are capable of. COMMUNITY CARE IS SELF-CARE. The Gottman Institute shared a post on instagram awhile back about relationships falling into one person systems or two person systems. In a one person system, the narrative is: "my individual needs come before the relationship's needs" and "as long as my needs are met, I'll work on meeting yours. If mine aren't met, you're basically fucked." In a two person system, the narrative is: "the needs of the relationship come first" and "let's look for a solution that allows us both to get what we need". One of the main lessons of Gemini Season from The Lovers Card is that when we are in balan