Where do you get your crystals?
I have a several local contacts that have relationships with mines all over the world. I also visit Crystal & Mineral shows when I can.

Can I purchase one of those cool ass pipes?
That depends…if you are over 18, you can definitely order from me. If not, NO KID SCRAM! Everyone is responsible for knowing what is lawful. I am not liable for anyone fibbing on this site and purchasing something that’s not for them. This is the internet.

How long does the shipping process take?
Usually, your order will be processed and shipped from Colorado within 2 days of your purchase. The only exception should be when I am out of town and I will do my best to correspond with you, letting you know when I can send it out. I ship USPS Priority Mail and I ship flat rate which takes 2-3 days anywhere in the continental US. Please contact me for other shipping questions.

Do you ship Internationally?
Not as a rule, as of yet. I would like to get to that point, however for now I will only offer it on a case by case basis. Contact me for more info!

What’s your return policy?
All shipped purchases are final. If an item arrives to you majorly broken, please let me know by emailing photos of the damaged package along with the broken contents to jennifer@naturalmagics.com and I will contact USPS to make a claim. Every item I ship is insured so while it may take a week or two to receive it, I will be able to issue a refund to you in this case.

You’re real dumb for wasting your time with crystals.
First of all that’s not a question but it’s a comment I’ve heard a million times before. To which I shall reply, time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.

Do you condone smoking?
I condone free, adult human beings having the right to make their own choices. But it must be said that the ritual of smoking herbs is found all across the world as early as 5000 B.C. from the medicinal and ritualistic shamanic uses, to the recreational and other ceremonies, such as the calumet or peace pipe smoked to seal treaties or pacts, famous of indigenous Americans.

Do you believe crystals are magic?
Sort of. I do intend to do a pretty in-depth post on this subject. But it should be said, I think magic is natural. I think nature is magic. Then there’s magick, which I acknowledge as any process through which one manifests their will. It’s the core principal of this site truly. I do have a disclaimer regarding any metaphysical properties reported on this site and you should definitely read it below.

Disclaimer: All Metaphysical properties ascribed to crystals and minerals on NaturalMagics.com are a culmination of historically carried ideas, cultural lore, traditional and ceremonial uses as well as myth. If you have researched crystals at all, you will quickly discover there are a handful of properties attributed to each crystal easily found in a multitude of sources which is why there are no specific sources noted for this generalized information on our site. While we believe in the usefulness of crystals for adding meaning and wonder to our lives, as well as aiding in the involution of those who’s intention is such, these properties are not meant to be seen as scientifically proven psychological or physical treatment. It is our mission to provide those interested in the metaphysical with information & inspiration for utilizing crystals in your own autonomous way and for your own autonomous meaning.

This FAQ page is being updated all the time. Check back here before you purchase something from the shop to see if there have been any policy changes.