Basics of Crystal Grids

Basics of Crystal Grids | Blog | NaturalMagicsHave you ever seen a really intense crystal grid and just lost your shit over it? Yeah, me too. Back in the day when I was first getting into the world of crystals, I was following everyone I could find online into the same things and I remember seeing some of these intensely geometric grids and asking myself a million questions. Like, how do they have that many crystals? What made them arrange them that way?  Why can’t I stop looking at this? What is happening to me? How is my whole body tingling right now? WHAT KIND OF MAGIC IS THIS? and so on.

The ultimate conclusion from all these questions to myself at first was INTIMIDATION. They were really cool but at the time, I didn’t have a collection of more than 3 crystals and I definitely didn’t have the money to increase my collection 10-fold, nor did I even know how they worked or what they were for. I just knew seeing them made me feel like I was looking at mandalas…and then it hit me. That is EXACTLY how they work! Like a mandala, it’s a geometric pattern of focus, a visual meditation. Intention infects the object and the intend-er benefits subconsciously and consciously from a symbol of the intention. That may seem a random leap of thought but I was pretty deep into esoteric Buddhism before I ever got into crystals so this metaphor was simply what was self-evident to me. If you’re into the natural religions of old, I’m sure this realization may have always been self-evident.

Once I made this breakthrough, I understood that all that mattered was that I utilized what symbols I knew and what elements I had to create the prettiest thing I could. From here, I have been able to map out some basics of crystal grids!

No.1 – All you need is literally ONE crystal. This is your Master crystal and it creates the vibe/sets the tone/facilitates the energy through which everything else in your grid becomes charged. This crystal can be any type; Quartz, Selenite and Apophyllite can be especially powerful for enhancing energy but truly, any type will do! I kinda think that the most powerful Master crystal you could use is one you found yourself, like on a hike or something. You don’t have to purchase anything to start working with crystal energy, okay!

No.2 – Create a focused intention. This could be anything in the physical world from bringing more money into your life, to landing an incredible job, to finding love, to sleeping well. It could also be for a spiritual purpose, which is how I tend to use mine. Perhaps you have noticed a pattern of contracting within your heart in stressful situations and you want to open yourself up to limit/boundless love. Maybe you would like to enhance your intuition or gifts of extrasensory perception. You might like to be able to lucid dream, astral travel or remember and be able to interpret your dreams. Just be sure once you decide on your grid’s intention, you sit with it for a few days, trying to visualize how it will look to the best of your ability. Every desire is based in the projected imagining of that desire’s result or consequence, not usually in just attaining the desire itself (example: you don’t attain money because you think that just having it will make you happy…you think the money will bring you other things that you think will make you happy). In my opinion, the imagination is an important part of the desire processes and based on that idea, I think that using your imagination can be a very helpful tool in manifesting what you want.

No. 3 – If you only have one crystal, gather other items to contribute to creating your grid. This can be anything from a plate, to regular feldspar, to smooth stones, boxes, mirrors, candlesticks, small branches, twigs or other natural objects like feathers, nuts, pine cones, leaves, flowers…there is truly no limit to what you could include. Mirrored, glass boxes (found pretty regularly at thrift stores) are one of my FAVORITE items to incorporate into a grid and my amazing friend, Sage is the BEST at manifesting using this method! She’s basically created every job opportunity she’s ever wanted/received by placing the business card of the company she wanted to work for in a glass box on her sacred bookcase after her interview with the intention of working there. Shit works y’all.

No.5 – Charge your crystals/cleanse your space. I usually wait for a Full or New Moon to charge mine. If you want to get REALLY intense with the planetary energies, you can wait for the Moon or Sun to enter an astrological sign that supports your intention. YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO THAT THO, OKAY!!! Like, just do what works for you! You can burn sage or other local herbs to smudge the space, you can place little bowls of salt or pieces of Selenite in the area for a day or two. There are lots of ways to charge and cleanse so, again just go with what makes you feel good.

No.6 – Assemble everything in geometric formation. Even if you can only find three items that you would like to use, you can create a sacred triangle.  I like to honor the four-directions in my most simple grids which requires at least four items. A fabulous grid to try if you if you have a lot more items to use is the Ojibwe Indian stone medicine wheel. There are a lot of formations to try and remember, you don’t have to use all crystals! Leaves, pebbles, flowers a

No.7 – Accept your intention as if it has already happened. This can be achieved through visualization or thinking about how it would feel to have exactly what you want today.

BONUS ELEMENT: Utilize the sun however you can! My favorite mini grid I’ve ever created is my dream box. It’s a simple, glass box with a mirrored bottom that I’ve placed two Shamanic Dream Stones and a Labradorite chunk in and put it in a windowsill where the day’s strongest sun beams come in. If you have an extra Quartz crystal you can even angle it to reflect light into your grid.

And thus concludes, my basics of crystal grids. You don’t have to have a huge collection in order to create something powerful. All you need is clear intention and the desire to manifest it. Everything else is just gesturing.

Power & Peace to your crystal endeavors!

It’s the Raw Amethyst Pipe of your Dreams

Raw Amethyst Pipe| Crystals and Minerals |

 Check out this fabulous and handmade, raw Amethyst pipe I had stocked in the shop recently! It nearly killed me to let this pretty baby go but it had to be done. Crystals move on man, most don’t stay with one person forever. They do the work they can for you then they get along with their journey. I did get to hang out with it a couple weeks and really enjoyed the energy it was emitting. Some crystals just seem to want to be held and this sweet amethyst baby seemed to call out for it. I literally couldn’t walk by it on my little cleansing table without picking it up and holding it for at least a few minutes.

Raw Amethyst Pipe| Crystals and Minerals |

That double point tho! Just a really cool formation, it probably added to the vibrational potency of this specimen. Crystal points have long been thought to be great for healing, you can use it to draw energy off the body pointed away from you or channel energy into your being by pointing it inward.

Raw Amethyst Pipe| Crystals and Minerals |

You can see more of our current selection of Amethyst and read about some of its metaphysical properties in the shop!

New Moon Enters Aries


The new moon enters Aries today as we begin the astrological New Year. A major energy shift comes with this new phase, and now is the time to move forward in passionate pursuit of your life’s goals. Move with courage for the spirit of the earth and sun are in harmony & support of you in this time. Energy flows where attention goes, so stay especially mindful over the next few days…choosing to focus on positive changes that you want to make instead of behaviors you wish to stop.

Mars rules Aries so be aware that those confused by this energy shift may lash out in anger, instigating conflict. Also, the moons movement is in conjunction with Uranus, the planet of change..and the energy it brings is volatile. You may experience surges of energy, anxiety, or insomnia. This is not you going crazy, this is planetary energetics that you can actually feel. The alignment of the planets right now supports the altering of reality more than any other so be bold, do differently and change your life forever. You are not bound to your old self, especially at this time. This world we live in is malleable…all it takes is focused attention moving with the flow of the energy of the universe. To get in that flow, you’ve got to let go of the old. Welcome this new energy to changing your very being, elevating you to your highest potential.

Kundalini rising…let’s change this world.